The Streets of Athens

Athens is generally a pleasant place to be walking for the most part (except when you need to go uphill) – roads are pedestrian-friendly and there’s tons of things you can see just by wandering around on foot.

athens street 1

I’ve always loved the random cafes along the street that European cities have in abundance, and Athens has its fair share of charming street corners.

athens street 2

athens street 3

athens street 9

athens street 3

athens street 4

Now what do we have to do to get beer that cheap around here?!

One thing I noticed though, is that Athens seemed to be probably the most graffiti-ed city I’d been to.

athens graffiti 1

athens graffiti 2

Some of them were artistic…

athens graffiti 3

athens graffiti 4

… and others, a little ominous.

athens graffiti 5

According to a reply from someone on Twitter in response to a graffiti picture I posted on Instagram, most of the graffiti only appeared after the economic crisis in Greek in 2008. I can’t verify the truth in that statement myself of course, but it could very well be possible, as you can also see quite a number of shuttered, abandoned buildings that have definitely seen better days.

athens graffiti 6

athens graffiti 7

It’s not all urban decay though. Some parts of Athens, like the neighbourhood of Plaka at the bottom of the Acropolis, are perfectly charming and are worth taking a stroll through. You can pick up some cool souvenirs too along the endless row of shops!




When you’re in Athens, just keep walking around and you’re bound to find something interesting.

athens street 6

athens street 7

The Greeks have a pretty good sense of humour 😛


And when you’re tired from all that walking, you can cool down with some Fanta Lemon, the best soft drink ever in the world!!! 😀

fanta lemon

Can you tell that I’m obsessed with Fanta Lemon? I dunno why I haven’t picketed outside the Fanta office to import it over here already 😦

Up next – my Athens free walking tour!

2 Comments on “The Streets of Athens

  1. this is fantastic – you’ve captured the spirit of Athens so well, the old neighbourhoods, the chaos, the feeling – all the photos are GREAT, I chuckled at the tee shirt humour pic

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